We started with the understanding that internet, technology and innovation would be the path for us to have the greatest positive impact on the world.
We have been the invisible technology ace-in-the-sleeve of many successful start-ups and enterprises.
Growing from a 3-man engineering team to currently over 120 engineers and counting, our skills enable us to offer end-to-end software development services from open source to custom-built, including the newest mobile technologies.
We help startups disrupt and enterprises achieve efficiency and higher ROI with innovative web and mobile applications. Our application development services span from ideation, application design, application development, QA to deployment and maintenance.
As businesses are waking up to the economic benefits of data-driven decisions, they’re faced with a challenge: how to capture more and better data, and how to process and draw insights from vast digital data sets. We help you navigate and effectively deploy these technologies for your business.

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