Posidex Technologies develops software products, solutions and offer services in the domain of Entity Resolution and Analytics. Posidex’s products and solutions helps enterprises in their operations, decision making and planning during the process of customer data integration, data quality management and master data management.

Gartner(R) mentions Posidex Technologies as sample vendor for Entity Resolution and Analytics in its Hype Cycle Report for 2010.

Posidex’s clients are spread across various verticals like Banking, Non Banking Financial Services, Mortgage Finance, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Telecom and Government and are among large data depositories in India in their respective domains. Posidex is handling over billion+ records Indian names and addresses records for entity resolution in the absence of any unique identity parameter for various clients in production sites.

Posidex has expertise and experience to provide comprehensive functionality for data management for the purpose of Customer Data Integration (CDI), Data Quality Improvements, Master Data Management(MDM) etc on data spread across multiple source systems. Posidex has built advanced solutions for Single View of Customer with realtime exposure, Family profiling, Householding and Customer Segmentation etc on its innovative PrimeMatch(R)
Technology platform.

Solution Overview

Enterprise entity due diligence solutions and process for various sectors.

The definition of an entity differs from sector to sector. In the BFSI sector, the entity is refered as Customer, in telecom it could be referred to as subscriber, for government / public sector it is citizen , in hospitality sector it is traveller, in health sector it is patients etc. For the sake of brevity, we shall refer to the entity as “Customer”.

Likewise the due diligence also varies from the perspective by which it is carried out. Core business Operations need it for the purpose of decisioning (credit decisioning , prior relationship etc). For the purpose of Risk mitigation, the due diligence is based on checks against negative data / defaulters data, statutory compliance requires that the due diligence is also carried out against the restricted entity data, pep data, etc. Sales & Marketing use customer due diligence for marketing campaigns and need to perform checks against do not call list etc.

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