Vamsi, Vikram and Pramod founded UV Creations in 2013. The three young founders created UV Creations with a deep desire to bring soulful stories to life. They maintain that at UV Creations a good story takes precedence over everything else.

The founders bring in more than a decade long experience in film distribution. With multiplex screens presence across south India, UV Creations is in a unique position in the country today.

Since its inception UV Creations has established itself in the industry with iconic, trend setting films. From its first film ‘Mirchi’ in 2013 to ‘Express Raja’ in 2016, UV Creations has strived to make path breaking cinema.

UV Creations continues to break boundaries by working with national and international creative minds and it strives to set new industry standards in film making.

The combined strength of the three founders lends itself into a perfect blend of creativity and operational acumen.


Our promoters belong to a genre of established and well respected film makers with remarkable exposure to the art of making great films. With a comprehensive knowledge of classic and contemporary global cinema, they have brought in every measure of excellence to each film made. With a thorough understanding of film art, the intricacies of modern film making technology, and each miniscule element that contributes to create a good film, UV Creationsunder the stewardship of this brilliant trio, is on a steady path of redrawing the meaning of movie entertainment in India.

Vamsi is the creative force in UV Creations. With an international MBA in hand, he blends creativity and business together. After completing MBA in UK, he worked in film distribution for a decade before starting UV Creations. Today he works on multiple projects with new and established writers and directors to take UV Creations to new heights.

Pramod was always interested in the business of Films. Though the traditional path of starting out as a Producer does not require a Business degree, he wanted to understand the basic principals of business . So he moved to UK to get an MBA. With international degree in hand, Pramod returned to Hyderabad, India in 2009. He started first with understanding the distribution process of films and then in 2012 he started ‘UV creations’ a film production company. Pramod not only brings in an innate understanding of the film making process but also business acumen to make the right kind of films for the right kind of audience.

After finishing engineering, Vikram moved to UK to study MBA. He always had a keen interest in the business of films and how cinema transcends cultures and borders. He believes that creating right environment for a right film to work is very important. Today as a key decision maker he works towards bringing stories to life by over looking budgeting to distribution. All three of them strive hard to make a UV Creations a perfect place for film making.

Mission and Vision

To bring forth the most beautiful films ever made, encompassing all the elements of successful movie making while imbibing the most modern technologies and ensuring a strong relationship with everyone who contributes to our success.

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