You are right; we are *not* yet another development shop.  Our consulting services and solutions enable success of a software development project.

Whether you are outsourcing a project to India or are a service provider based in India, you will find us very relevant in your context. You are developing a technology product or simply a software solution for a bespoke requirement, you will greatly benefit through our engagement.

We are a team of practitioners from the industry.  We bring execution excellence to you.  Complementing your teams, be an in-house team or a provider’s team, we align the project efforts to objectives.  The result?  Reduced rework, increased success rates and better bottom-lines.

Our services go beyond theoretical best practices and generic processes. Because our focus is beyond compliance and is on value, we call this engagement Value Assurance (VA).  For, compliance will not deliver competitive advantage.  Value does!

Through our engagement if you gain greater amount of confidence into the performance of your projects, we will consider our mission fulfilled!

Valueware is based out of Hyderabad a key IT destination in India.  The central location gives us quick reach to the potential customer base which is geographically spread from north to south and east to west.


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