Have you ever typed in a domain name and came to what looks like a default page of a domain name registrar that reads, “http://www.thedomainyoutyped.com is under construction”. Well it is time to stop advertising your domain name registrar’s site and start using that parked domain name for making money.
The first step is to make sure that your domain registrar offers “Forwarding” or “Redirection” service. If you do not know what “Forwarding” or “Redirection” is let me explain. Forwarding a domain name means that your domain registrar will forward anyone that types a domain that has forwarding on it to another domain. For example if you set up forwarding on yourdomain.com to yourotherdomain.com, when anyone types in or clicks a link to yourdomain.com they will automatically be sent to yourotherdomain.com. That’s it! I use GoDaddy to register domains and they offer the Forwarding for Free.

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